A Conservative We Can Trust

Regina Quick is no Johnny-come lately to our shared conservative values or the Republican Party. She has been in the trenches fighting  ”tax and spend” policies and the heavy-handed government of Athens-Clarke County for years.  She did not fight for us with her finger in the air waiting for the political winds to blow one way or another. Regina fought for our conservative values because it was the right thing to do.

For years, Regina Quick has fought for lower property taxes and government accountability. She has worked in the trenches with other Republican activists. Her hard work was rewarded when her fellow Republicans elected her as a National Delegate to the GOP convention in 2008. She has served on the executive committee of the Clarke County GOP for more than five years.

While Regina was working to elect Republicans, her opponent was supporting the Obama stimulus plan and voting for resolutions saying Obama has “an unimpeachable reputation for integrity, vision and passion for public service.”

Reform Property Taxes

Regina has spent her career fighting for taxpayers. She will work to keep property taxes down, streamline the assessment appeal process and increase homestead exemptions to protect homeowners, farmers and seniors. Her opponent, Doug McKillip, voted twice against freezing property taxes/ (House Vote #42 2/12/2009 and House Vote #318 3/23/2009)

Real Ethics Reform

Regina Quick has signed on to the Georgia Tea Party Patriots’ efforts to bring real ethics reform to Georgia. She supports real reform limiting lobbyists’ gifts to legislators to $100. She understands that your legislators should be putting you first, not the lobbyists and insiders. Rep. McKillip refused to support HB1105 which would have implemented these changes. Instead, he voted for more secrecy and less transparency. (HB875 Vote #865 3/29/2012)

60% Majority to Raise Taxes – At the local and state level

For too long, politicians have found it too easy to raise taxes. This is true at the national, state and local level. As your Republican State Representative, Regina Quick will introduce legislation mandating a 60% supermajority to raise taxes at both the State Level and Local Level. She knows that taxpayers need to be defended from high taxers like Doug McKillip who sponsored a bill to increase income taxes by nearly 17% on high-income earners and successful small businesses. (HB 1066 2009-2010)

The differences in this election are clear.